Medea (1969)

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The Synopsis / Storyline of Medea :

Based on the plot of Euripides’ Medea. Medea centers on the barbarian protagonist as she finds her position in the Greek world threatened, and the revenge she takes against her husband Jason who has betrayed her for another woman.

To win the kingdom his uncle took from his father, Jason must steal the golden fleece from the land of barbarians, where Medea is royalty and a powerful sorceress, where human sacrifice …

Medea 1969 Detail / Info :

Genre : Drama, Foreign
Duration : 118 min
Release Date : 27 Dec 1969
Rating : 7.1
Writer : Pier Paolo Pasolini
Director : Pier Paolo Pasolini
Company : Les Films Number One
Movie Casts :
Maria Callas as Medea, Giuseppe Gentile as Jason,Laurent Terzieff as Centaur, Margareth Clémenti as Glauce, Massimo Girotti as King Kresus / Creonte, Paul Jabara as Pelias.