Cézanne et moi (2016)

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The Cézanne et moi was the movie in 2016 that’s directed by Danièle Thompson.

This Comedy movie was released on 07 Apr 2017 in the theater.

The Cézanne et moi movie starred by Guillaume Gallienne as Paul Cézanne and also Guillaume Canet as Emile Zola.

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Cézanne et moi (2016)
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Cézanne et moi 2016 Detail / Info

Genre : Comedy, Drama
Duration : 117 min
Release Date : 07 Apr 2017
Rating : 5.9
Writer : Danièle Thompson
Director : Danièle Thompson
Company : Pathé Distribution
Movie Casts :
Guillaume Gallienne as Paul Cézanne, Guillaume Canet as Emile Zola,Alice Pol as Alexandrine Zola, Déborah François as Hortense Cézanne, Sabine Azéma as Anne-Elisabeth Cézanne, Gérard Meylan as Louis-Auguste Cézanne

The Synopsis / Storyline of Cézanne et moi

They loved each other with the ardor of thirteen-year-old boys. Rebellion and curiosity, hopes and doubts, girls and dreams of glory – they shared it all. Paul was rich, Emile poor. They went skinny-dipping, drank absinthe, starved, only to overeat. Sketched models by day, caressed them by night… Now, Paul is a painter and Emile a writer. Glory has passed Paul by. But Emile has it all: fame, money, the perfect wife, whom Paul once loved. They judge each other, admire each other, confront each other. They lose touch, meet up again, like a couple who cannot stop loving each other.

A historical drama traces the lifelong friendship between two renowned 19th century French artists – painter Paul Cézanne (Guillaume Gallienne) and writer Emile Zola (Guillaume Canet) – …

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