Rocks in my Pockets (2014)

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The Rocks in my Pockets was the movie in 2014 that’s directed by Signe Baumane.

This Animation movie was released on 22 Aug 2014 in the theater.

The Rocks in my Pockets movie starred by as and also as .

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Rocks in my Pockets 2014 Detail / Info

Genre : Animation, Comedy
Duration : 88 min
Release Date : 22 Aug 2014
Rating : 7.7
Writer : Signe Baumane
Director : Signe Baumane
Company :
Movie Casts :
as , as , as , as , as , as

The Synopsis / Storyline of Rocks in my Pockets

A fantastical tale based on true events, about five women of Signe Baumane’s family, including herself, and their battles with depression and madness.

Signe Baumane and five women in her family battle with depression and madness.

Latvia, the late 1920s. Anna, a young woman, pretty and educated, falls in love with an adventurous entrepreneur, 30 years her senior. But with marriage comes great jealousy, and the entrepreneur hides Anna away in the forest, far from other men, where she bears him eight children. The Great Depression hits them hard. Then Latvia is overrun with invasions by the Soviets, then the Nazis, then the Soviets once again. Anna is a pillar of strength, defying the hardships, raising her young, teaching them survival secrets of the forest. But something inside her is terribly wrong. Years later, Signe, a young artist, asks her father, “how did my grandmother die?” Her father is evasive. His seven siblings are evasive, as well. Signe strongly suspects that Anna committed suicide. Clues of mental illness had always leaked through the family stories. Signe suffers from depression herself. Her suicidal fantasies get her locked away for four months in a Soviet mental institute. Three of her cousins…